Christina Gerodetti, 23, Swiss, currently studying and living in Sweden at YIP, the International Youth Initiative Program, a social entrepreneurship training.

I was asked to write down what I think is relevant for others to know about me. Those dry facts are relevant, but they give only a frame without any content. I want to add some colors to this frame and draw you a picture of myself.

I dip the paint brush into red: Red for my compassion and the will to connect, red that makes me go out into the world to gather new experiences and go on adventures. I am Swiss, butI consider myself much more a world citizen. Traveling, diving into other realities and cultures are a big part of who I am. Some facts: I’ve been living in Sweden for the past two years, but I just came back from my 5th visit in Brazil and South America – going forth and back between Europe and South America is a big part of who I am. And my decision to become a Warrior has been nurtured by the red color in my life that has so much compassion for the world.

I add yellow: Yellow for my curiosity and my communicative side. I care very much about the spaces in between people, relationships, friendships and the social realm. The picture that I am drawing of myself is full of yellow, this color is always with me, in whatever I do and where ever I am. Some facts: Communication became very important through my interest for languages. I love them very much and I speak 8 of them.

I put green on the canvas. Green stands for my relation to the earth, to nature, the care for every being in it and my concerns about where our earth will end up if things continue the way the do. And then again I am full of hope and the will to take care of the earth. Green is a big part of me. It means to care about my surroundings and it represents the way I want to live. It is the future and it is the change I want to bring through my contribution. Facts: I am studying at YIP, the International Youth Initiative Program: a social entrepreneurship training. Saying that I really care about the world is not enough anymore, I want to learn how to be a co-creator of positive initiatives that bring the needed change. This care and the will to act brought me to Brazil several times where I worked in a social initiative called Aramitan in the periphery of Sao Paulo with children and youth in high-risk situations. It also brought me to participate in the Oasis Training held by Elos in Feb. 2010. It brought me to the Amazon Rainforest, trying to find points of light in the rather dark reality and wanting to contribute to expand those positive initiatives there. I’ve been part of organizing several youth conferences and workcamps in the past years. All those projects and initiatives I’ve been doing shape my life strongly.

The blue part of myself is not so big yet. But it is there already on the painting I draw for you. Thinking of blue I feel that calm, wideness, overview, clear thinking, space for myself, space to reflect, to relax, to just be and do “nothing”, space to sense and let things emerge – this color is only just starting to become stronger. Facts: Painting is a big part of my life and it is an activity that holds these qualities of blue to me. It is reflective, re-creative, gives me calm and peace, it lets me look at the world and my surroundings with clearer and deeper eyes. It teaches me to perceive the world instead of putting fixed concepts on it.

There is an infinite amount of colors that I didn’t use yet to draw this picture of myself. They stand for what I can be, for my biggest potential that is always part of who I am right now and that will be put down at some point in the painting of my life…

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