Task 4

Now is your chance to make a difference and do it! Decide who can help you and by what means. Tell us how you managed to gather people and who they are. List the skills and resources you can count on. Show your planning.

It is rolling! I prepared the ground for the weekly community apple picking and the project will take off on the 9th September and then be continued every Thursday for several weeks until the apples are all picked and juiced…
I made a flyer and it is up everywhere:

Several meetings have been taking place with different “important” people in the community who are involved in the decision-making and I knotted the important connection with the YIP students, 40, who will be vital for the success of the action! And they are in and very supportive.

Many hands are helping to make the Community Apple Picking become reality:

Who  &  Skills  &  Resources

  • Alex,Gardener: Knowledge about apple picking, designer skills, budgeting the project, previous experiences with juicing apples, keeping overview, good adviser, co-caring the project, tools, storing space for apples, work force, spreading the word
  • Ida-Johanna, Gardener: Knowledge about apples, gathering more people, many good ideas and dreams, supporting the practical aspects, helping from the beginning; all the tools from the garden, space to store apples, work force, helping to spread the word, knowledge about practical things, giving advise, co-carrier of action
  • Janecke:Enthusiasm, motivation, speaking to people, spreading the word, advise; Supports idea and action, motivates co-workers to join, work force, will provide refreshments, legal support
  • Reinout: Good with working, handy man, knowledge about apples; has apple press, practical help with maintenance, tractor for transport
  • Henning: Helping when it is needed, practical solutions for urgent problems; car, support, best helper
  • Pieter: help with budgeting, many good ideas, making a website to vote for social project that will receive parts of the profit, helps with taking apples to juicer
  • Skye, Aurelia, and others from YIP: Playing violin and other instruments; Providing good atmosphere during apple picking through making music
  • Jennifer, Andrea, Rea, Juliette, Maria from YIP: Baking, taking initiative and responsibility, practical skills; baking and preparing refreshments (fika), general support
  • Mathijs and Merlin from YIP: Filming skills, creating documentaries; document the apple picking through filming
  • Ylve, Bonny, Daniel: Knowledge about associations and companies, taxes, money, legalities…; giving advise on how to sell the juice and donate profit to a social initiative
  • Kerstin: Social skills, inviting people; spreading the word, putting up flyers
  • Elisabeth: Social skills, inviting people; spreading the word, putting up flyers
  • Sabina, Gardener: Knowledge and a lot of care for apples, support, work force
  • Anna: Good friend, feedback, advise, practicalities; general support as a caring friend
  • EVERYONE in the COMMUNITY: Uncountable amount of skills; Work force to pick apples, making a good atmosphere, maybe playing music? Conversations, ideas, support…

The plan is to get the YIPpies to invite the community to the apple picking. I myself went around to many different people inviting them personally and telling them to spread the word. The flyer is up in many places, people start recognizing the project. The challenge is very much how to invite people to the apple picking that they can joyfully leave their work and join in…

Another way of spreading the word is facebook. I put up an event and invited for it:


So much about the planning for now…


One Response to Task 4

  1. Ariane says:

    Hi Christina,
    Your project reminds me of one of my teacher’s projects in Oakland, California called Temescal Amity Works http://fieldfaring.org/temescal-amity-works. Check it out! It might give you some inspiration and ideas for your project.

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