Task 6

EVALUATION means to see the value in something
We want to know how the game was for you.
YOU IN THE GAME. Tell us about your experience playing the game. What were the positive aspects? What were the negative aspects? How would you change your attitude from the beginning?


Triggering self-reflection

I was able to put a dream into reality

New inspiration into my daily life
Awareness of my consumption

Training practical skills: blogging, working with apples, layout, price negotiations, legal aspects, etc.

Training social skills: collaboration, inviting people, trusting, giving responsibility away, dreaming high

Many learnings through the community action:
about myself, my qualities and challenges and about the community and its people

I got connected to my community, to nature, to the world

I experienced an immense amount of fun, fulfillment and joy! I am grateful that I did the Way of the Warrior!


Wanting to be perfect: putting too much time into unimportant details

Danger: working only for blog and not because I would do it anyway

Sometimes loosing track of playing a game: taking it too serious

Stressing about deadlines: difficulties with time management

Pressure on myself

Fear: not being accepted for the WWW

Loosing time with technical issues (blog related)

THE GAME IN YOU. Tell us what effect the game had on you. Did you notice any significant change? What did you consider positive in the process? What did you consider negative, difficult, or inefficient?

Positive effects:

The game opened me up to go with the flow, to give trust to other people and to what the future wants to bring

As the game was so big, I had to give away responsibility and ask for help: this was an important practice for me!

To create a blog made me reflect and harvest my actions and I gained more confindence in writing about the tasks throughout the process

The game connected me to my creativity and my potential

Negative, difficult, inefficient aspects:

Time deadlines for blog changed: at beginning one month, changed to 2.5 months

Difficult to manage game next to daily life, work, studies…

Community action turned into a huge project, very time consuming

Difficult to find limits of what is asked from me: how big or small do I go?

Not so much feedback on blog from elos team during process

At this point I am ending my Way of the Warrior. I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who was part of creating this journey: THANK YOU ALL! OBRIGADA!


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